The Item object represents an item. It is a stripped-down version that has only the fields that might be relevant for generating item sources or determining if an item is bad.

If you require more properties on the item data, let us know and we can add other fields in.
  • Id -- ID as seen on, e.g. in the URL
  • Name
  • ItemLevel
  • Moniker -- the identifier given to items by the game itself, they're really long and not that handy, so we use ID usually
  • Quality
  • Slot
  • HasRecipe -- true if the item has a recipe (almost always means it is a crafted item)
  • ModType
  • ModSlotRestriction -- some mods can only be used on certain slots, e.g. the mods with set bonuses
  • IsPvpItem -- true if the item has Expertise
  • OnUse -- true if the item has an on-use effect

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