Bad Items

The game client has a lot of fake items, or items that aren't available yet. Those should be pruned out so that people aren't sifting through junk items.

The bad-items.txt file is the master list of bad items, and is imported directly into to exclude the specified items. The code in BadItemFinder creates this file.


The format of this file is very simple: one item ID per line, straight-up text file.

The Code

All of the code is in the BadItemFinder class. At the moment it doesn't do much -- feel free to add whatever code is necessary to identify and add bad items to the final list.

Similar to the item sources, there is a simple mechanism for specifying bad items by hand.

Adding Bad Items Manually

There is a file called manual-bad-items.txt. People can add the IDs of bad items to this file by hand. The file also allows you to place comments -- any line that starts with "//" is ignored. Feel free to comment blocks of IDs so that people know why they are being excluded.

And that's really it -- we're trying a very simple approach for the first round of open source stuff here, see how well it goes. This should give people the flexibility to fill out the list of bad items in whatever way is most comfortable -- by hand, some simple code, whatever works.

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