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Alacrity not being used in Force Regen Rate calculation


Since 2.0 (if I recall correctly), Force Regen began to be increased factoring in the Alacrity stat.
I noticed that if I increase my Alacrity stat, either by equip or augments, on the live servers my Force Regen is increased, however on AMR site it isn't.
Alacrity should affect the Force Regen by the same amount it affects Activation Speed

The formula used to calculate the amount by which it affects Activation Speed is correct, I think, 'cause I see the same percentage both on the AMR site and on my char on the live servers so I guess it's only a matter of applying it to Force Regen.

I'll supply screenshots if needed.

Thanks and best regards,
Kessel of The Red Eclipse (EU)


Kessel wrote Oct 18, 2013 at 2:44 PM

I tried to fix it myself and sent a pull request about this :)