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Force Power GearStats string incorrect


The gearstats string that simulationcraft parses looks to be incorrect for some MHs and OHs.

If you look at this profile here:

And the gearstat string:

Profile shows 936 force power on the MH (correct), but gearstat string shows:
"Name":"Campaign Force-Mystic's Lightsaber","ItemLevel":61,"Quality":"Artifact","Icon":"saber.jedihigh06.a01_v01","WeaponType":"LightSaber","Stats":{"Endurance":175,"Power":172,"Surge":72,"Will":144, "ForcePower":753


SteveMellross wrote Jun 20, 2013 at 6:17 AM

I can verify that this is the case for Tech Power as well. It seems to be capped with the pre 2.0 Force/Tech power values when exporting via the api. On the web site it displays correctly.

The weapon damage also has the same issue. See below.

Web site:

440 - 817 Energy Damage (Rating 168)
Total Stats:
+157 Aim
+172 Endurance
+150 Power
+79 Surge Rating
+1006 Tech Power


"Endurance": 172,
"Power": 150,
"Surge": 79,
"Aim": 157,
"TechPower": 797,
"MinDamage": 348,
"MaxDamage": 647