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Character Stat Calculations

This project contains a javascript file (Swtor.Calc.Standalone.js) that can be used to calculate character stats from a saved character profile on Ask Mr. Robot.
  • Character Stat API -- Describes the public API for using the character calculation javascript on your own site, with examples of how to load a profile from Ask Mr. Robot.
  • Character Stat List -- Full list of all calculated stats.
  • Character Stat Code -- Code documentation for authors who wish to edit/update the calculation code.

Item Data

This project contains a small C# console program that will generate two data files: a list of item sources (drop locations) for SWTOR items, and a list of item IDs that are "junk" items data-mined but not actually available in-game.
  • Item Sources -- Describes the item source generator code and format.
  • Bad Items -- Describes the bad/junk item categorization code and format.

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